MIDORI . Site Design & Watercolor Illustrations

The process

Midori is a small online shop concept I did mid 2017, I wanted to try new things and I had solid style in mind, I mixed font styles, played with the relevance in the text, sticked to a minimal palette and created the products myself.

The paintings

I started with vector illustrations for the packaging of the site I wanted it to have a specific look but no matter how I tried it doesn't seem to fit, that's when I tried something I had in mind a long time ago, I paint as a hobby but somehow I wanted to include traditional media to my designs, It gives a more crafted feeling to any design.

The Site

Another thing I wanted to have on my portfolio was a cart page, since I have done plenty for work, but since It's all under NDA I couldn't showcase any of it. Also having no limits helped me on the design and layout although I tried to stick to what a regular cart should have.

The Paintings

I give it a go and painted a variety of fruits trying to stick to my personal style, I limited myself to a 12 color palette to learn more color mixing and used only watercolors, (to make it more challenging). I painted near 14 illustrations for this project, scanned and corrected them and placed them on the packaging.


This was a really challenging concept for me, I learned a lot and I still am, It helped me to see my weak points and focus on them a bit more. After this concept I started a series of leaf studies they were the hardest thing to paint for me, I will show more of it on my blog. Thank you for taking the time to view the details, if you want to see more you can check my other projects.

Working Toghether

Have a project? If you are interested in working together or just say hi, please feel free to contact me.
You can find more about my work on my social media and some rants on my blog.