TRIADA . Site Design & Vector Illustrations

The process

This piece is a concept I wanted to make long ago since I love books and most of the sites I use to purchase them were too busy for my taste, I wanted to give it a try myself and create something more clean, to give it some sort of a challenge I also limited my palette to 2 main colors and a combination out of my comfort zone.

The Illustrations

I decided to approach the illustrations for this site in a minimal linear style, since the focal point are the book covers and wouldn't be wise to distract the users too much from them.
I included some details on the lines a shade of pale blue as a partial fill to avoid them being too bland and go unnoticed.

The Wireframe

Creating wireframes or prototypes is something that I do in most of my projects (when asked for it) before doing any kind of design choice. Is not only something that I deeply enjoy but in my opinion a vital part of a project no matter the size, It's easier to organize the content and priority of it and see if any detail was forgotten along the way.


This project was really fun and challenging I always take the time to learn and try new things on my concept work, thank you for taking the time to view the details, if you want to see more you can check my other projects.

Working Toghether

Have a project? If you are interested in working together or just say hi, please feel free to contact me.
You can find more about my work on my social media and some rants on my blog.